MotoSurgeon presents

ele2. The premium eBike Rental Service

ele2. The people-oriented service of e-bike sharing. We are preparing for launching of ele2. Stay tuned for more updates.

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ele2 provides helmet. Thus safety taken care of.


Scanning QR Code is very easy. Members can pickup the ele2 quickly


Electrically powered ele2 comes pre-charged. The rider doesnt need to worry about filling fuel.

The People Oriented Premium Service

ele2 Mission

We are proud to present ele2. It’s not a motor vehicle, but a companion – your friend, when it’s needed. Sharing is in its DNA. It will try to be available for you as and when you want. It’ll not ask you the occasion, but it will run for you and at your service till its maximum capacity.

The word ele2 ( इले टू ) derives from Electric /eˈlek.trik/ two-wheels. We coined and trademarked a simplest possible brand name that’ll have ease of memorizing.

MotoSurgeon is committed towards encouraging more and more people to contribute their participation towards better environment for the future of mankind. Ele2 vehicles are Battery Operated Vehicles (BOVs). They emit no gases and also don’t make any noise while running or idle. Ele2 vehicles are 100% pollution-free and thus more and more usage of Ele2 will help the humanity in seeking better environment.

You can take ele2 for any occasion – to go to your office, to go to your home from office, to go to a railway (or bus) station and vice versa, to drop your spouse at office, or to drop your parent or to bring your parent, to drop your child at its school or vice versa…. on numerous occasions ele2 will be your essential companion.

Anytime Booking

You can book your bike any time during the day

Easy Payments

All the payments can be done online

Surge-free Guarantee

Guranteed safety

Download App To Book a Bike

90 2255 6686 (90 CALL MOTO)

We will try replying to all your queries

Cost Effective for Daily Commuters

Pay Per Go Plans

You pay for the rides you take. You can also get insured worth ₹5 Lakhs by additionally paying just ₹10.

PPG 30

PPG 30

₹30 for 30 minutes

PPG 60

PPG 60

₹50 for 60 minutes.

PPG 180

PPG 180

₹150 for 3 hrs.

PPG 360

PPG 360

₹300 for 6 hrs.

PPG 720

PPG 720

₹400 for 12 hrs

PPG 1440

PPG 1440

₹1000 for 24hrs.

Rewards As You Travel

Get Your Rewards

ele2 helps you to experience the best quality riding services. Our services are well defined and well designed, fully compliant to the highest standards. Our main idea is based on establishing a direct connection between riders and their commuting needs.


The numbers speak volumes

Ride and Boost

Subscription Bonanza

Members get at least worth 50 times more than what they actually pay for subscription.



3 months Vailidity

2000 minutes ride
+ Insurance ₹2 Lakhs
Goodies and benefits worth ₹1,25,000.



6 months Validity

3000 minutes ride
+ Insurance ₹3 Lakhs
Goodies and benefits worth ₹2,25,000.



1 Year Validity

6000 minutes ride
+ Insurance ₹5 Lakhs
Goodies and benefits worth ₹5,00,000.

Have questions?

For Inquiry

Please write to us if you have any queries regarding ele2 service and also for franchise requests etc.

    Know more about ele2


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    How does ele2 safeguards environment

    ele2 vehicles are Battery Operated Vehicles. They make zero noise while running and also emit zero gases in the environment.

    Who can ride ele2

    With ele2 membership, any adult citizen with a valid driving license can ride ele2 vehicles.

    The sign up process will confirm acceptance of  Terms and Conditions and that the passenger is 18 years or older.

    The ele2 Hub attendant may request confirmation of the rider’s identification before commencing the Service for the first time.

    How do one gets membership of ele2

    The person who wants to get membership of ele2, can download and install ele2 app from play store and app store and after installation, can follow the guidelines for registration.

    Does ele2 done through app

    Yes. ele2 services are totally app based services. The rider can avail it through android and iOS app.

    Is the rider insured

    Yes. All ele2 riders are insured while riding it. Also, the premium members are insured even when not riding ele2.

    Why ride ele2

    It’s Quick – ele2 vehicles can weave through the traffic clogged roads, which means you save time and get where you need to be, faster.

    Competitively priced

    Riding ele2 is more affordable than other options available in the city.


    ele2 reduces carbon emissions and traffic congestion. And with electric scooters booming in popularity, your journey on one of these is carbon neutral.

    What time can I use ele2

    We’re on the road 7 days a week. Throughout the year.  You can pick ele2 from 6am and drop latest by 11pm to any of our HUBs.

    What do I do with the stuff I'm carrying

    Getting around on ele2 means travelling light. You need your hands to steer the ele2 on roads.
    However, some of ele2 vehicles may come with a small luggage box below the seat and also can hang a bag at leg-space.

    These will comfortably house the average handbag, notebook or file.

    Anything you’d normally take to a meeting, lunch or a mate’s house is probably not an issue.

    Provided it’s not too big, wearing a handbag crossbody or a small backpack should also be fine.

    You may even ask for a tailbox fitment which will come at an added meager cost. This box may carry load of 5kg.

    What are the requirements to ride ele2

    The Terms & Conditions menu on the footer of this website is exhaustive narrater of this question.

    What do I do if I have an accident while driving ele2

    The safety of you and your passenger is our paramount consideration. However, if an accident occurs in which any person is injured you must immediately notify the police and/or ambulance by phoning 100.

    You must also immediately notify ele2 as soon as practicable using the App and an Incident Report Form must be completed and submitted to ele2 within 12 hours or as soon as possible if this is not practicable but never more than 7 days after the accident occurred.

    In the circumstances where you are unable to report so, you can please request your near and dear to comply.

    In case of accident with a pillion

    If you have an accident while riding ele2 with a passenger and your ele2 is damaged or there is damage to someone else’s vehicle or property – Dont worry.

    We provide insurance cover for damage to the ele2 or damage to third party vehicles or property. We suggest you buy ele2 plan with insurance policy.

    Can I get customer service help

    You can reach our customer service team from within the app or by sending us a message through the “Contact Us” tab on our website/app.

    What if the attendant has personal hygiene issues

    All of our attendant are vetted by one of our team members for suitability as a ele2 attendants. Hygiene, presentation and communication, as well as safety, are our top priorities.

    Can I reset password on the ele2 app

    The ele2 app does not use a password to log in. It uses OTP based on the member’s mobile number.

    A one-time password (OTP), also known as one-time pin, is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device.

    Select Login Enter your mobile number You will receive an SMS with a 4 digit verification code. Enter the verification code to unlock your ride.

    Is my first ride free

    Yes. Trips must be booked using the ele2 app; up to a maximum value of ₹20; You need to top up your wallet with ₹200 as deposit offer expires 31 March 2020; fair usage rules and terms and conditions of carriage apply,

    Ele2 app offering the opportunity to take their first ride free.

    To be eligible you’ll need to:

    Download the ele2 app in your smartphone
    Book a trip using the ele2 app
    The ele2 app will automatically apply the First Ride Free promotion on your first trip
    First Ride Free up to the value of ₹20 is valid from 1/1/2020 untill 31/03/2020.
    Offer and promo code is valid for new customers only and until 31/03/2020

    The wrong location showing in my app

    ele2 services function on Google maps premium service. Please ensure location service in your smartphone is subscribed to and is turned on.

    Is wearing helmet mandatory while riding ele2

    For your own good we suggest to wear helmet while riding ele2. If in case you dont have one, we will provide you, complimentary for the ride period. If you need one for the pillion, it will come at a meager cost. Not to worry about it.